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The Cheneys: A Lesson in Psychopathy

Rachel Maddow has outdone herself today. I cannot wait to share with you, in case you didn’t catch it, her piece tonight on the Cheneys. Dick and Liz (!) Cheney have an unnatural and unhealthy relationship with each other that encompasses but goes beyond their fear and psychopathy. They feed off each other and probably have no one else to relate to (except for Lynne, the mother, and although she is an arrogant blowhard, she isn’t as crazy as the other two).

Watching the “politicians” of the family, Liz and Dick, I feel like watching I’m watching a car wreck about to happen, and I’m looking forward to it. I understand they have a mental illness, but I don’t feel sorry for them one bit because that mental illness is just simply, evil. Unfortunately, as a former VP, the media still accords Dick a level of respect he does not deserve and never really did. As with Iraq, he was always a warmonger chicken hawk, enthusiastically supporting the Vietnam War but never serving, instead receiving five deferments for the five children they had during that time.

Discredited, surely, but too depraved to finally go away, the Cheneys have earned our harsh judgment, and need to exit public life. They’re only coarsening and cheapening things and talking out of their asses. And sometimes Liz looks at her father in a way that makes me uncomfortable.