Take away our healthcare? You have got to be insane.

Folks who want to strip away health coverage for the millions of us who now have it should be ashamed of themselves, and if they are not properly ashamed, it’s up to the rest of us to shame them.  They don’t realize they were already “paying for freeloaders,” but they were paying more with worse outcomes.

Before January of 2014, I went six years with no medical insurance.  I am blessed to be a healthy 50-something-year-old woman, so imagine what that is like, to be at my age with no healthcare.

Sit with that a moment, republicans and so-called libertarians.

Now I have coverage and it’s affordable and I have what I need.  And my son is covered.  ❤  Our friends, family, and neighbors are covered, or can be.  The republicans would take this away, take away our very health care and peace of mind while they try to pretend it’s the most reasonable thing in the world to do.

I was without insurance coverage for six years because six years ago I began working for myself in my new profession, just as the economy was tanking.  Rough timing.  In late 2007 my years of work and commitment paid off and I began working with attorneys and judges as a certified court reporter and independent contractor.  In the early 2000s, you might remember, student loans were enthusiastically offered.  Being a single parent, those loans were a big help.  (Sidebar:  Why I was a single parent all those many years is because this is Seattle…  But don’t ask.  That’s another essay.)  Previously, I had gone for stints here and there without coverage, usually while in between permanent job assignments, but I have always been fortunate and blessed to stay healthy.  Imagine if I had not been so lucky.  I would either be dead or bankrupt.  It breaks the heart what some people have to endure in America, the richest but most selfish nation in the world.

I began a profession I was proud to enter to do a job most people cannot do if they had to, in a program that has a 5-10% success rate.  It was a challenge, and my son and I both sacrificed.  After I let go of the security of a full-time position as a legal assistant, along with a heavy investment and more indebtedness in equipment, I began work in my new profession – just as George Bush’s economy took a nosedive and we suffered a near depression.  It was scary.  Life in America as a single woman and sole income is scary, but today it’s a lot less scary.

So 2009-10, my new profession was going well (albeit slowly and not terribly lucratively), and I lived daily without a safety net of any kind.  Even if I could afford medical insurance, which I could not, whatever I could afford would be unreliable and probably a ripoff.  We’ve heard the stories.  You pay $500 a month in premiums, but when you get sick, you find out it’s not covered, and if it is covered, it’s limited, and you have a cap on what would be paid, and then you’re cut off to do what?  Languish in an alley behind the hospital?  The insurance racket was a complete and total racket with criminals getting rich by it and their victims dying.  (I’m looking at you, republican Florida Governor Rick Scott.)

Now consumers have protections.  I and millions of others have protections.  That’s a wonderful and profound achievement, republicans be damned.

Now that I have this very decent and affordable coverage for the first time in six years, I can sleep at night not worrying about “what if?”  If you want to take that peace of mind and a chance at health and happiness away from 10 million of us, God help you for what voters will do to you, and for your own consciences, because I know deep down, even republicans are people too, and they have to live with themselves after denying simple, basic, humane, and cost-effective healthcare to millions of Americans, including many children.

In January of 2014 I made an appointment and saw my new doctor for a checkup.  I was able to get affordable medication for occasionally but debilitating migraines, and I got a flu shot a couple of weeks ago free of cost.  My son now has coverage for his asthma.  Who would take that away from us?  And how can they live with themselves?

It mystifies me that….

Martin and me.  We're special.

Martin and me. We’re special.

…self-interested schmucks think taking away good health is a good idea.


4 thoughts on “Take away our healthcare? You have got to be insane.

  1. Kelly Proper

    Your gain was my loss. While you gained affordable insurance I lost mine, even though I had been paying for years. The amount of my salary left after paying insurance would put me in poverty. The deductible was so high there was no value, I would have to pay 100% of my bills while paying high insurance costs. I support repeal to revamp law for everyone. All citizens should benefit from the law, the middle class has been hit the hardest. This is not just about taking away what people received illegally, it is also about fairness to everyone. You gained peace, but I lost peace. Does that seem right to you?

    1. mandyinseattle Post author

      No, it’s not right, Kelly, and you know who to blame? Your insurance company. The same insurance company that is making obscene amounts of profits, the same insurance company that has been screwing you and all of us for decades, still while making record profits. Don’t blame other Americans, friends or family who are just trying to live a healthy life! Blame the corporate bastards at the top who are screwing us all. Look UP and follow the money. “They” the game riggers, the robber barons, the monied interests. We’ve seen them throughout history, so read. YOU’RE PROBABLY IN A STATE WITH A DASTARDLY REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR WHO NEGLECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FEDERAL SUBSIDY, while he and his family were all covered nicely. BLAME YOUR OWN DAMN GOVERNOR and maybe yourself for voting him in. So what state are you in, Kelly Proper?

    1. mandyinseattle Post author

      This is the mental illness too many Americans suffer with, where we fearfully believe that someone’s gain is our loss. We need a new way of thinking about life and community and living together cooperatively. Don’t be afraid. We don’t have to compete with each other. Propagandists would have you believe that, but it’s a lie. We can look out for each other instead of jealously guarding what we have, living in fear and anger. But if you must be angry, be angry at the insurance companies who are ripping you off and have for decades, and demand something new. And stop being so goddamn selfish. One day you will need somebody’s help. Be that help now.


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