Common sense, fair gun regulation now. Vote Yes on I-594

The NRA has us by the huevos in this country!  Because of their influence, money, and threats — and weak politicians and ignorant voters — we are prohibited by law from studying gun violence, and doctors are prohibited from talking to their patients about gun violence.  Can you believe that?  The National Rampage Assn is the most ruthless and craven lobby we’ve ever seen in this country. They make their money by selling instruments of death and they want that to continue despite the costs to society or attempts to craft common sense regulations.  We are alone in the world on guns and gun violence.  The NRA has a stranglehold on this country, so the time for politeness is over, so I applauded Nick Hanauer’s frustration as expressed yesterday.  People who oppose common sense, bare minimum gun regulations are, in effect, supporting more shootings.  Let’s call it what it is.

When I hear politicians say nothing but Our hearts and prayers are with the families, that adds to my frustration because it’s meaningless when they should be leading the effort for gun regulation and reminding us exactly why we need it and saying clearly THIS is why we need it.  I read Patty Murray’s polite statement and it feels like she’s playing it safe politically. I don’t really respect that.  Background checks are the bare minimum we should do and we shouldn’t be afraid to say so when it’s most relevant.

Gun purchases are on the decline in the US, which is why the NRA is so desperate to sell their wares and why they whip up the anger and distrust of government and keep us from addressing this terrible scourge, all the while increasing their profits. They are selling to fewer people but those people are buying more and more guns.

Australia is a wonderful example of a nation with backbone who saw a troublesome issue and addressed it, inside of a year.  That didn’t happen with politeness.  Nick Hanauer can rant and rail because he puts his time and money where his mouth is.


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