Why vote

I’m trying real hard not to hate republicans in Congress, but I’m angered and saddened by the lengths they go to to not do their jobs, and, worse, to hinder those who are working for fairness and justice, to improve the lives of all people, and protect this planet.  They are willing to waste our money in their zeal to destroy and discredit those they perceive as their “enemies.”  That they see progressives as enemies instead of, simply, folks with whom they disagree is unfortunate.  In their cynical effort to destroy and discredit Democrats, especially the black one, they’re sacrificing us all and are confident that they can if only they smile enough and pretend to be selectively outraged.  They know too many of us are preoccupied, and cynical about government, which they count on.  It won’t work on me.  I may be discouraged and angry, but I will not disengage or give up.

It’s particularly galling that the latest chair of the newest and ninth congressional committee to investigate !Benghazi! complains about government while serving and collecting a salary as a member of the House of Representatives.

Americans are often victims of the right-wing’s well-funded and craftily created lies and propaganda of their religious fundamentalist allies.   Their governors refused to accept federal funds for healthcare for millions of their uninsured citizens, preferring to see their citizens without affordable health care.  They’re not interested in jobs programs.  They don’t care to extend unemployment but will vote themselves a raise.  They routinely cut school lunch funding.  They’re waging a war on women.  They’re making it harder to vote.  They announce plans to gut regulations.  And the list goes on and on and on.

It is dereliction of their sworn duty to act in this manner, and these bastards are not going to find a more decent president who has tried harder to work with them.  He ain’t perfect, but I think history will regard him very favorably.  But like all bullies, they mistake cooperation and governance for weakness and see it as an opening to destroy, regardless of the fact that they are destroying us and destroying the nation we used to be.  If you’re an American and doing well financially, you still have to breathe the air and drink the water, and perhaps you want to sell a product to the public or raise your children here.  A nation in poverty — financially or spiritually — is a weak nation, and everyone who remains here will suffer.  As in the Gilded Age not so long ago, eventually the music will stop.

Their number one job, as conservatives see it, is to get reelected, and we should ask ourselves to what end, for what purpose?  We’ve seen what they do with power.  How many times must we learn that lesson?  Dems and progressives had better wake up and realize that we’d better start fighting back. 

If you don’t prefer to fight, you don’t have to.  You can merely vote, and help others to do likewise. If our current state of affairs isn’t enough to convince you to vote, recognize who is working so hard to keep you from voting and ask yourself why.  If that still isn’t enough to convince you to vote, remember that Medgar Evers, Dr. King, Andrew Goodman, and so many others, known and unnamed, rightly assumed that they may die ensuring and protecting our right to vote, all of us, but that right was important enough for them, and other brave and patriotic souls, to make that righteous sacrifice. In doing our part as citizens, we honor them.



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